Alisa-Kansas State Grad- Manhattan, KS

There is nothing that will remind you that you are getting older like attending a graduation. Especially when you graduated from that same University not too very long ago. Even so, it is always so much fun getting to go back to Manhattan, experience “K-State” and see some amazing people. One of those amazing people is Miss Alisa. She graduated with honors in Agribusiness from K-State this past weekend. It was an honor to not only capture some of those memories from her big day, but also be able to celebrate with her. It has been such a blessing to know Alisa through my Life Group in Christian Challenge last spring, and I know she is going to do AMAZING things overseas with her new job. Congrats girl!! Good luck with everything!

AlisaGrad-107 copy

AlisaGrad-120 copy

AlisaGrad-141 copy

AlisaGrad-154 copy

AlisaGrad-172 copy

AlisaGrad-175 copy copy

AlisaGrad-184 copy

AlisaGrad-200 copy

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