Brian-Senior- Goessel, KS

I met Brian and his mom through my friend Zana. Brian was looking for someone to take his senior pictures and Zana thought I would be perfect for the job. We met up last Sunday in Goessel and traveled to a friend of Brian’s to take some pictures with farm equipment. (FYI, I never feel smaller when I am around massive farm equipment… it’s is all massively impressive!) We bared the bitter cold and got some pretty cool pictures! We then traveled  back to Goessel High, where we got some great pictures of Brian and his sports gear. All in all, it was great hanging out with Brian and his mom getting to know them and taking some images I am pretty excited about! Here are a few of my favorites!

Brian-006 copy

Brian-018 copy

Brian-072 copy

Brian-113 copy

Brian-119 copy

Brian-185 copy

Brian-222 copy

Brian-266 copy 2

Brian-299 copy

Brian-303 copy

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