Breanna-Senior-Manhattan, KS

On Sunday, I met up with Bre, one of my senior reps for 2013, and her mom and sister for her full senior session. Bre is one awesome volleyball playin, cheerin, dancin, sassy senior at Hiawatha High. She also plans on being a wildcat at K-State next year, which worked out well for us shooting her session in Manhattan. We started on campus before adventuring to the Rec volleyball courts. We then headed to a park before adventuring in Aggieville and then finishing up at the always beautiful Konza Prairie. Bre has so many great shots, it was sooo hard to pick which pictures to show you for a preview! But, I finally narrowed it down to these, hope you like them!

Bre-026 copy

Bre-094 copy

Bre-129 copy

Bre-138 copy

Bre-185 copy

Bre-242 copy

Bre-260 copy-Recovered

Bre-271 copy

Bre-306 copy

Bre-340 copy

Bre-364 copy copy

Bre-384 copy

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