Karlie & Scott-Couple Session- Neodesha, KS

I don’t know if many of you know this, but back in my day I used to be quite the country girl. I loved wearing boots, bling-d out belts, pearl snap shirts, tried to be a rodeo star and spent a lot of time with my good friend Karlie. While college and discovering photography might have changed my career aspirations a little bit, I still love horses and being out in the country and of course seeing my old friend. It was so much fun catching up with Karlie and getting to know her husband, Scott, back in Neodesha. We adventured around some of their family’s land and visited her aunt’s gorgeous farm in Independence for what turned out to be a great session! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

ScottKarlie-004 copy

ScottKarlie-186 copy

ScottKarlie-169 copy

ScottKarlie-140 copy

ScottKarlie-132 copy

ScottKarlie-114 copy

ScottKarlie-089 copy

ScottKarlie-037 copy

ScottKarlie-030 copy

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