Lindsey & Braylan Engagement-Wichita, KS

One day long, long ago, I met a feisty young woman named Lindsey. She was one of my first college roommates in Alpha of Clovia, and soon after became my “Big Sis” in the house. Fast forward a few years down the road and that same feisty lady is now getting married to Braylan, and I am honored to be able to take their pictures! We all got together last Friday in Old Town in Wichita to take some engagement photos. It was a great time exploring around down town, and we made a lot of great images! Here are a few to check out!

untitled shoot-344 copy

untitled shoot-370 copy

untitled shoot-420 copy

untitled shoot-450 copy

untitled shoot-475 copy

untitled shoot-482 copy

untitled shoot-491 copy

untitled shoot-505 copy

untitled shoot-519 copy

untitled shoot-529 copy

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