Comstock Wedding- Fredonia, KS

Finally, I am able to blog about a very special wedding in my book!! My cousin Caleb married the beautiful Shayla in Fredonia on a gorgeous bridge out in the country. While there were some ups and downs to the weekend, (like forgetting my camera in Salina and having to make a late night road trip back to get it,) It was a fantastic experience, all in all. I am so thankful that Caleb requested I shoot this wedding. It meant a lot to be apart of their special day and being able to capture it all for them. Here are a few of my favorite (& fun) shots from the day!


comstockwedding-1-004 copy

comstockwedding-1-037 copy

comstockwedding-1-081 copy

comstockwedding-1-085 copy

comstockwedding-1-108 copy

comstockwedding-2-101 copy

comstockwedding-2-175 copy

comstockwedding-2-209 copy

comstockwedding-2-228 copy

Chase is on smaller

comstockwedding-2-255 copy

comstockwedding-2-266 copy

comstockwedding-2-320 copy

comstockwedding-3-358 copy

comstockwedding-3-414 copy

comstockwedding-3-507 copy

comstockwedding-3-570 copy

comstockwedding-4-003 copy

comstockwedding-4-011 copy

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