Sarah & Aaron-Engagement-Goddard, KS

Sarah & Aaron had one unique engagement session. I met them out at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard last weekend. Their shoot was filled with amazing animals from giraffes, to penguins, to kangaroos and lemurs! Along with that, we battled some wild wind in the middle of the session! However, it all came together perfectly and I am thrilled with their pictures! I can’t wait to visit Tanganyika again for their wedding in March!

SarahAaron-022 copy

SarahAaron-055 copy

SarahAaron-110 copy

SarahAaron-159 copy

SarahAaron-175 copy

SarahAaron-197 copy

SarahAaron-239 copy

SarahAaron-342 copy

SarahAaron-352 copy

SarahAaron-380 copy

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