Neill Wedding- Toronto, KS

There is nothing like getting to go back home to the good ol S-E-K! (Southeast Kansas for those of you not in the cool club) It is even more fun when I get to shoot a wedding! Tate and Theresia got married on the Neill Family Farm in Toronto. It was a little bit toasty in the heat, but it was still a beautiful day! And, it is always a great plus to get to take pictures at sunset. It all just adds up to something magical. Check out a few shots from the day.

Neillwedding_1-060 copy

Neillwedding_1-092 copy

Neillwedding_1-187 copy

Neillwedding_2-006 copy

Neillwedding_2-019 copy

Neillwedding_2-143 copy

Neillwedding_2-178 copy

Neillwedding_2-262 copy

Neillwedding_2-362 copy

Neillwedding_2-387 copy

Neillwedding_2-402 copy

Neillwedding_2-476 copy

Neillwedding_2-480 copy

Neillwedding_2-578 copy

Neillwedding_3-056 copy

Neillwedding_3-087 copy


Neillwedding_3-145 copy

Neillwedding_3-307 copy

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