Brandon & Kelsi-Proposal-Manhattan, KS

I won’t lie, I am a sucker for a good engagement story. I just really enjoy getting to hear about two people declaring their love and dedication to each other for a lifetime! Luckily for me, it has now become popular to catch proposals on camera, and I have been honored to catch these moments a couple different times. I first met Brandon and Kelsi back in February when Kelsi contacted me about getting some photos of the two of them for a Valentines Day gift. The shoot went great, and it was obvious to me that they were a great couple. So, I was thrilled when Brandon messaged me about coming back to Manhattan to catch his proposal to Kelsi on camera. He brought her to a special place on K-State’s campus and they each shared some memories with each other before she discovered the ring and he got down on one knee. Of course, she said yes! It was a beautiful moment and I am loving how the pictures turned out! Here are a few, enjoy!

brandonproposal-002 copy

brandonproposal-016 copy

brandonproposal-021 copy

brandonproposal-028 copy

brandonproposal-034 copy

brandonproposal-045 copy

brandonproposal-048 copy

brandonproposal-057 copy

brandonproposal-062 copy

brandonproposal-067 copy

brandonproposal-070 copy

brandonproposal-071 copy

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