Kendal- Southeast of Saline Class of 2014 Senior Rep

I finally got my first full senior session of the season in on Saturday morning with Kendal! Kendal will be serving as a senior rep for me at his high school Southeast of Saline for the class of 2014. I got to travel out to Kendal’s family’s farm in Assaria to shoot some photos of him and his brothers (more on that part of the session tomorrow!) I don’t think you can ask for much better backdrops than farms, tractors and corn fields. It was a fun session and I was really excited to get some pictures that represent Kendal well. Here are some of my favorites from his session, enjoy!

Kendal-018 copy

Kendal-040 copy

Kendal-081 copy

Kendal-100 copy

Kendal-130 copy

Kendal-143 copy

Kendal-173 copy

Kendal-197 copy

Kendal-210 copy

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