Let me just say I love my job. I get to be creative, adventurous, and capture the beauty of God’s great earth all through the lens of my camera. I just feel so truly blessed. Some of those adventures lead me to trying out techniques to make more innovative photos. For those times, I thankfully have great (and gorgeous!) friends who not only model for me, but venture out into the rain to help me out even if there is a chance of getting electrocuted. 🙂 Thankfully no one was hurt, and while I didn’t exactly get the technique down that I was going for, I did get some great pictures of Leah. Thanks again for modeling lady, and thanks to Kurt and Justin for helping out and not complaining (too much).  You all are great! Check out some of my favorite images from the shoot, including a killer sunset we had at the end!

Leah-067 copy

Sometimes we even get awesome things like… DOUBLE RAINBOWS. Yea. So of course we had to get a picture of the whole crew. 🙂


Leah-092 copy

Leah-063 copy

Leah-044 copy

Leah-029bw copy

Leah-021 copy

Leah-110 copy copy

Leah-097 copy

And I leave you with a view of the beautiful sky. I can’t handle how gorgeous of a place Kansas is. Everywhere else… be jealous.


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