Abby & Family

Here it is, time to wrap up my final session from my trip back home! I was a little anxious about this shoot, as I was doing it for one of my good, lifelong friends and wanted it to be awesome… and I was going to get to deal with my youngest model ever. Mr McCoy is just a few weeks old, and I was honored to get to take some of his newborn portraits. That of course wasn’t all we did, we also did some family portraits with his mom Abby, dad Jesse and handsome older brother Wyatt. Wyatt, being 2, was also pretty entertaining in front of the camera. I really think it is impossible to take a bad photo of that boy. All-in-all, Abby has a beautiful family and I really hope I captured that for you. Enjoy!

abbyfamily-016 copy

abbyfamily-031 copy copy

abbyfamily-043 copy

abbyfamily-045 copy

abbyfamily-055 copy

abbyfamily-069 copy

abbyfamily-083 copy

abbyfamily-086 copy

abbyfamily-088 copy copy

abbyfamily-095 copy

abbyfamily-108 copy

abbyfamily-118 copy

abbyfamily-128 copy

abbyfamily-139 copy

abbyfamily-139 copyb

abbyfamily-146 copy

3 thoughts on “Abby & Family

  1. Tina Florez says:

    My beautiful niece and great nephews, Wy Wy and McCoy!!! Love you all SO much!!! And you too Jesse!! 😉

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