Trevor- Class of 2014 Fredonia High Senior Rep

This morning I was able to travel back home to the lovely land of Southeast Kansas. It is always fun to get to take some photos of familiar faces in the places where I grew up. One of those familiar faces was Mister Trevor Haun. Trevor will be serving as one of my guy Senior Reps for Fredonia Senior High for the class of 2014. I am just loving how his mini session turned out!


I am still taking senior reps! I am looking for some specifically in the Central Kansas/Salina area. If you or someone you know would be interested, please send them my way! They get some awesome perks!

Here is some more info on being a Senior Rep:

What is it?
It’s a way for you to help spread the news about DLC Photography at your school while earning some pretty awesome perks!
I limit my Reps to one boy and one girl per high school.
What do you get?
-A mini session in the summer
-A full session in the fall
-50 free Rep cards to give to your friends so they get discounts on their pictures
-50% off of EVERYTHING. That’s right… Everything. Session fees, prints and packages!
-A chance to win an iPad!

trevormini-030 copy

trevormini-034 copy

trevormini-038 copy

trevormini-041 copy trevormini-058 copy

trevormini-059 copy

trevormini-061 copy

trevormini-062 copy

trevormini-067 copy

trevormini-069 copy

trevormini-074 copy

trevormini-080 copy

***iPad giveaway stipulations-
The program must get at least 5 senior reps and the rep must get at least 4 referrals to qualify. Otherwise the grand prize will just be a $400 print credit.*** 

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