Linn Wedding

June is such a beautiful month, one of my favorite ones in fact. One of the main reasons I love it so much is all the gorgeous weddings that happen! Last Saturday I was able to hang out with Elizabeth and Donald on their wedding day. They were married in Manhattan at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church. After the ceremony we headed out to the breathtakingly beautiful Colbert Hills golf course. It was a tad bit windy, but we managed to get some awesome photos! Check out some of my favorites here!

LinnWedding-2-229 copy LinnWedding-137 copy LinnWedding-162 copy LinnWedding-175 copy LinnWedding-262 copy LinnWedding-241 copy copy LinnWedding-238 copy LinnWedding-223 copy LinnWedding-194 copy LinnWedding-184 copy LinnWedding-333 copy LinnWedding-439 copy LinnWedding-535 copy LinnWedding-546 copy LinnWedding-567 copy LinnWedding-568 copy LinnWedding-581 copy LinnWedding-588 copy LinnWedding-595 copy LinnWedding-608 copy LinnWedding-621 copy LinnWedding-643 copy LinnWedding-650 copy LinnWedding-669 copy LinnWedding-707 copy

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