Rebecka & Adam

Summer in Kansas is one of my favorite things. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a June evening full of blue skies and gorgeous wheat fields right before harvest… then throw in an evening thunder storm. Kansas has won my heart and I feel so blessed by God that I get to live here and do my dream job of making pictures for people in this place that I love. Some of those beautiful people are Rebecka and Adam. I had the pleasure of hanging out with them last night getting to know them and of course taking some fabulous pictures. We started out in downtown Manhattan, then headed onto K-State’s campus and finally ended up at one of my favorite places in Manhattan- the Konza Prairie. They were such a fun couple and I feel very privileged to take their engagement photos and cannot wait to shoot their wedding next April. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures from their shoot!

rebeckaadam-030 copy

rebeckaadam-047 copy

rebeckaadam-083 copy

rebeckaadam-129 copy

rebeckaadam-199 copy

rebeckaadam-231 copy

rebeckaadam-300 copy

rebeckaadam-313 copy

rebeckaadam-340 copy

rebeckaadam-357 copy

rebeckaadam-366 copy

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