Atchley Wedding

Shooting a wedding is always a blessing. There is something I just love so much about a couple committing there love and lives to each other and to God that just leaves me in awe. It’s even more powerful when it is family. This weekend I was blessed to be able to shoot the wedding of my cousin Jacob and his new wife Ashley. It was an adorable wedding set in her grandmothers backyard. The use of blue and orange throughout all of the details of the wedding was amazing. I had a fantastic time, and while the day was cut a bit short by lovely Kansas rain, I know the couple had a fantastic time too. Check out some of my favorite images here. Be sure to also check out my website for more wedding goodness.

atchleywedding1-007 copy

atchleywedding1-174 copy

atchleywedding2-446 copy

atchleywedding2-426 copy

atchleywedding2-416 copy

atchleywedding2-400 copy

atchleywedding2-362 copy

atchleywedding2-345 copy

atchleywedding2-239 copy

atchleywedding2-202 copy


atchleywedding2-182 copy

atchleywedding2-139 copy

atchleywedding2-083 copy

atchleywedding2-033 copy

atchleywedding2-032 copy

atchleywedding2-017 copy

atchleywedding1-480 copy

atchleywedding1-445 copy


atchleywedding3-043 copy

atchleywedding3-002 copy

atchleywedding2-566 copy

atchleywedding1-423 copy

atchleywedding1-388 copy

atchleywedding1-345 copy

atchleywedding1-360 copy

atchleywedding1-345 copy

atchleywedding1-272 copy

atchleywedding1-262 copy

atchleywedding1-229 copy

atchleywedding1-204 copy

atchleywedding1-202 copy

atchleywedding1-147 copy

atchleywedding1-115 copy

atchleywedding1-105 copy

atchleywedding1-030 copy

atchleywedding1-023 copy copy

atchleywedding3-041 copy

atchleywedding1-174 copy

atchleywedding3-056 copy

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