Becky & Tristan

It is always fun to be able to do photo shoots with your good friends. It is even more fun when the photo shoot is an engagement session! Last night, I was honored to take the engagement photographs of my good friend Becky and her fiance, Tristan. We spent a few good hours finding beautiful places in Topeka, KS to make some of my favorite pictures I have done in a while. An old winery, a sparkling lake, and for the country girl in me- a gorgeous wheat field. Becky and Tristan are two amazing individuals and I am so excited that they thought of me to take not only these photos, but also their wedding photos this November. So, here are a few I really enjoyed. I hope you do to.BeckyTristan-002 copy

BeckyTristan-037 copy

BeckyTristan-075 copy

BeckyTristan-106 copy

BeckyTristan-168 copy

BeckyTristan-236 copy

BeckyTristan-345 copy

BeckyTristan-283 copy

BeckyTristan-402 copy

BeckyTristan-457 copy

BeckyTristan-437 copy copy

BeckyTristan-039 copy

BeckyTristan-052 copy

BeckyTristan-062 copy

BeckyTristan-006 copy 2

BeckyTristan-068 copy

BeckyTristan-504 copy

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